Before the storm – Fram and the new setup

Hi people, sorry it took a bit longer than normal for me to explain to you what is going on but it’s a bit different at the moment, and it takes time to adapt and find what to talk about when you cannot really talk about what you normally talk about.

Are you confused? Cause I sure am confused.

No, I’m not in the “bubble” with the players this time round, we’ll see for next event what’s best for everybody but at the moment, it’s weird to be on my own, all the time.

I gave up the breakfast – which is frugal as there is no buffet – and stick to my room, as I have nobody to talk to/catch up with/learn from.

As there is no press office anywhere – inside or outside the bubble – I’m working from the VIP area, where a plug extention has been specially brought to my seat. That’s Egypt for you. There are no problems. Only solutions.

Tamer Mamdouh
Karim Ibrahim with the young ushers

Plenty of ushers around, handled by Karim Ibrahim – older brother of Youssef, also our faithful Tamer Mamdouh, aka Tommy, who has been designated to organise transport for me – as I’m not in the bubble, things were a bit tricky. And of course, our Boss in Chief, Karim Darwish, who is covering all matters “d’une main de maĆ®tre” as usual.

I just loved the seats – distance obliges – it gives a festive atmosphere, even when it’s empty.

Sorry, got to rush, my little assistant Nour just arrived – thank Karim(s) for organising that as well… My tea is on the way, all is good in my Land of Pharaohs…

Nour Elsherkawy, my poor slave for the evening…