R3 : Serme 2-0 Hany

[6] Camille Serme (Fra) 2-0 [8] Salma Hany (Egy)  11-4, 11-2 (17m)

Camille was on fire today, Salma not that much. 4/0 for the French, 5/2, 11/4 in 10m. Second game was 5m, from 2/2 to 11/2. The French was just so relaxed, her shots were hitting their targets every time. Too good.

Camille :

“Well, the plan was to take her to the throat and not let go! I am training rather often with Salma when I go to Blackall, we often play games and matches, and it’s always hyper close, going either way each time. So I know her game and her strength, and today I had decided to pin her to the backwall, I think I managed to do that rather well.

Today, less wind, warmer weather, and my length was just better. Maybe a bit more used to the court, more relaxed as well.

Happy to have found my game, and to stay in the optic that I have nothing to lose, that this tournament is just a bonus, and I managed not to put any kind of pressure, contrarily to what I did in September against Amanda for example. Here, I wanted to be relaxed, give it all.

I still have on dream, to win the World Championships one day. That is my main dream, my main goal. This tournament is good preparation for the World Championships in three weeks’ time.

Now here, it’s out of my hands, we’ll see tomorrow.”