R1: Second WTF win in a row against SJ for Nouran

[3] Nouran Gohar (Egy) 2-0 [6] Sarah-Jane Perry (Eng)  11-7, 12-10 (28m)

Obviously, The Mall of Arabia conditions suit Nouran against SJ as she won last year at the same stage of the competition, 2/0 as well, only this year she is it quicker – 34m against 28m this time round.

Nouran hasn’t lost her power during lockdown, that’s for sure. She took a good start in the opener, 5/2, got caught out 5/5, 13m game she takes 11/7.

The second sees short and power seesaw rallies, but from 2/2 all, it’s Nour in control 6/2, 9/5. SJ finds finally her game and accuracy, claws back from 10/6 match ball to 10/10, giving it all and retreiving some winners in that rally I thought (with the crowd) were gone and dusted. A bit unfortunate to find the tin at the end of the rally, 11/10 Nouran, who manages to close it down this time, 12/10 in 14m…..

“It’s never easy against her, she’s a very talented player, very skilful and one of the most capable on tour.

“She’s big, so it’s quite tough to play against her but she’s very fair, so it’s also very enjoyable to play against her. I really have to adapt my game plan to play her, but I’m very happy with my performance today and I’m super happy to be back on court after six months.

“What better way to be back on court by being in Cairo, not only Cairo but in front of Wadi Degla and CIB as well, so thanks to them for coming today.”