Veteran and Newbies : What they Said

Veteran and Newbies : What they Said

Here’s what Finals ‘Veteran’ Nour El Sherbini, and ‘Newbies’ Paul Coll and Tesni Evans have to say about the Finals …   quotes from PSA official site news

Nour El Sherbini :

“It’s a different tournament as the group stages give every player a chance to qualify to the semi finals even if they lose one or two matches. Playing best of three is also different you need to be ready from the first point. It’s a very unique tournament and it’s good to have some change.

“I’m excited to play the last tournament of te season in Egypt, especially this tournament. It’s been a very long season for me, trying to push myself and train for the last tournament and playing the last one in Egypt is special so one more push, and then we start the off season.

“Of course it’s fun, but it’s also very competitive. Everyone wants to play and win even if it’s the last tournament and all eight players play to win.”

Paul Coll :

“I’ve never played the Finals before so it is going to be new for me. However I did okay at Canary Wharf with the best-of-three format so I am looking forward to that again!

“I’m feeling really good, and the body is holding up which is the main thing. I am coming off some good form at the British Open, so I am really excited to come to Cairo which I’m sure will be a very well run event.

“For me it’s still competitive for sure! It’s a tough event with the top 8 in the world playing, and three Egyptians in my group, so it’s a great way to prove yourself against the best.

“It’s been a very good season for me, I’ve enjoyed it a lot but it has been very long and tough, so I’m looking forward to some family time and a bit of relaxing afterwards!”

Tesni Evans:

“I’m really happy with my season and how it’s gone. I feel like I have probably played my best squash to date, so I’m happy all around. I’m really looking forward to the World Tour Finals.

“I haven’t made it before, so it will be a new and exciting experience for me. I’m normally sat at home watching, so it will be so nice to be able to play myself and experience the tournament.

“Obviously it’s going to be a big challenge. There are no easy matches and no matches to get you into the tournament, I’m going to have to be ready from the first rally in the first match.

“They are all great players who have had great seasons and are in good form, so all of them are going to be tough. There are no easy matches at all, so I’m looking forward to having a real good go.

“I’m coming into this event as the lowest ranked player, so for me it’s about really performing well and giving it everything I’ve got and hopefully I’ll come out of the event with some wins. But as well as that, I want to enjoy myself in this great event.”