R3 : Perry 2-0 Sobhy

[5] Sarah-Jane Perry (Eng) 2-0 [4] Amanda Sobhy (Usa) 11-8, 11-4 (23m)

SJP “sauve l’honneur », gets a pride win tonight, finally we got to see her shots and squash.

Amanda again did her best, never really comfortable I felt in this event, and I feel she’ll be much more dangerous in the worlds on home terms…

SJ :
“I think when I look back at the last two performances, it was nothing bad, but I didn’t have my style coming through,”

“It was none of my signature shots, I just tried to relax today. It’s a difficult situation playing what is effectively a dead rubber but it’s still good practice for the World Championship and there is some points and extra prize money on the line. I wanted to enjoy how I was playing today.

“The young girls are nearly as experienced as me. I only started on the tour properly when I was 21 and Hania is 20 now and has got a lot of experience. I have got a lot of experience and I try to use that to my advantage and learn from every match.”