R1: Nour expeditive against Joelle

[1] Nour El Sherbini (Egy) 2-0 [8] Joelle King (Nzl) 11-9, 11-1 (22m)

Trimmed and hungry

If the lockdown period meant a few of us put a nice cushion of softness around our bones, boy, that is not the case for Nour and Joelle – by the way, Joelle looks more and more like Shelley Kitchen, who was so slim you thought she was from profile when you were facing her!

Two slips for Nour El Sherbini made us a bit weary for the stability of the players on there but it was only two little incidents that hopefully won’t happen again in the coming game.

Squashwise, an excellent start for the Kiwi, 5/1, helped by 2 strokes against the Egyptian. But quickly Nour came back to 5/5. The rallies were not that long, Nour was blipping accurate and found some clinical attacks from 6/6, 10/6 game balls. Joelle gave it a big push, but lost the opener with a tin, 11/9 in 13m.

The second, well, the Princess unleash the bazookas and zoomed to 7/0, taking the second game and match in 8m, 11/1….